The Arc Minnesota

The Arc Minnesota offers advocacy, community outreach, education, and support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

CDC Materials

There are many easy to access and free materials available for you to view and print out, or order. Please print or order them for both your own use and for sharing them to help spread the word. While these materials are helpful and educative, please note that they are not a substitute for validated and standardized screening tools.

Get Free “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Materials

Center for Inclusive Child Care

The Center for Inclusive Child Care is a centralized, comprehensive resource network supporting inclusive care for children in community settings. They provide leadership, technical assistance, training, and consultation to a variety of people including professionals and parents in order to successfully include and retain children with special needs in community childcare.

Considering Culture from The Massachusetts Act Early Team

The Massachusetts Act Early team has developed the materials for pediatric clinicians and community health center providers to use when conducting autism screening with children from families whose primary language is not English. These free materials may be downloaded and printed for use in practice.

Considering Culture in Autism Screening Products

Hmong LTSAE Materials

This Hmong LTSAE webinar is designed for professionals who are interested in learning more about culturally specific and relevant strategies for working with Hmong families with young children. Cultural views of disability and child development will be discussed. Resources and materials from “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” will be highlighted.

PACER Center

PACER Center provides tons of opportunities to improve the quality of life for children and their families affected by disabilities. This organization was created by parents of children with disabilities in order to help other families who have children with disabilities. They provide assistance and advocacy for families, workshops, and materials for both parents and professionals, and more.

Parent Aware

Parent Aware gives you the tools and information to find the best quality child care and early education for your child. You can find child care and early learning programs near you!

Somali LTSAE Resources

The Somali Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Project was developed to answer the question, “Is there a higher prevalence of ASD in Somali children who live in Minneapolis versus non-Somali children?” The link includes a community report on findings. This resource also includes links to Learn the Signs. Act Early. materials translated into Somali as well.