Photo of Amy Esler

Co-Principal Investigator/Clinician Reviewer

Amy Esler is an assistant professor in Pediatrics, the lead psychologist in the Autism Spectrum and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Clinic, and director of the Fragile X Clinic at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Dr. Esler specializes in early screening and diagnosis and in medically complex individuals with ASD. She is interested in the interaction between culture, screening and diagnostic practices, service needs, and access to services. Her research focuses on autism prevalence, medically complex autism, and early detection.

Key Terms


Prevalence is a scientific term that describes the number of people with a disease or condition among a defined group at a specific period in time. Prevalence is usually expressed as a percentage or proportion of the defined group. For this project, we counted the number of 8-year-olds in 2014 who were identified with ASD and then divided that number by the total number of 8-year-olds in our surveillance area during 2014.